All sculptures include free shipping within New Zealand.

Glass and bronze sculptures
Bronze sculptures are mounted on polished black limestone or black granite and come in editions of twelve. All dimensions of the bronze sculptures exclude the base. Weights of the sculptures include the stone base.

Glass sculptures are cast in lead crystal Gaffer glass in editions of twelve. Note that the casting process for glass introduces air bubbles, particularly in hollow sculptures. This creates more texture and interest in the piece. The price of glass sculptures includes the LED cabinet light, wall adapter and where applicable a circular beech wood base. The light is either mounted inside the sculpture or recessed into the base.

Polyethylene lamp sculptures
Polyethylene lamp sculptures are produced in white or red translucent polyethylene and come with a 3W LED cabinet light fitted inside plus a wall plug adapter. Commissioned lamps can also be made in green or turquoise. Polyethylene lamps are the largest of my sculptures and can be used as décor lighting in the home, office, hotel, restaurant, bar and hospital. Enquire about discounts on multiple orders.

The rotational moulding process creates parting lines in the polyethylene. These are trimmed and, with the application of heat, blended into the sculpture. Although the lines are not visible when the lamp is lit, it may be possible to see them on close inspection when the lamp is turned off. The cabinet light fits into a base at the bottom of the sculpture which can be easily detached so that the light can be replaced.

LED light fittings
The 3W LED cabinet light comes with a junction box, switch and driver, supplied to me by The driver has AS/NZS, C-Tick, CE, UL, RCM certification and the cabinet lights are CE certified. Both come with a 2 year warranty from the supplier and meet the NZ Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. Drivers with plugs can also be supplied for North America, UK and Europe. The cabinet lights produce an even brightness and have a ‘Natural White’ colour rating. They are non-dimmable and can be replaced with lights that have a 60mm diameter cut out.

Beech wood bases for glass sculptures
Open base glass sculptures have a 3W LED cabinet light fitted inside. The other glass sculptures come with a cabinet light recessed into a circular base made from beech. These bases are manufactured by me and are only provided to buyers of my sculptures. They are 17mm thick and, depending on the size of the sculpture, are offered in three diameters: 140mm, 160mm and 190mm.

The high definition images of my sculptures printed on canvas or photo quality paper are available on request.