Little Pieces of Sophie (78,000 words)

Set in England, New Zealand and Bangladesh, Little Pieces of Sophie (78,000 words) is about a young man’s struggle with passion and obsession for his childhood friend and their commitment to make the world a better place.

Set in Lancashire in 1989, twelve-year-olds Jack and Sophie are only children who are especially close because Jack was incredibly lucky with Sophie’s bone marrow transplant when he contracted leukaemia. Their friendship intensifies when Sophie, who is part Māori, experiences racism at school and they become aware of social injustice. This ends abruptly when Sophie and her mother move back to New Zealand. Jack and Sophie keep in touch but inexplicably after a year they stop hearing from one another.

Jack realises in his mid-twenties that he has to find Sophie. Because of the unlikely success of his transplant, he fears his luck will run out and is desperate to improve his odds in getting together with her. After arriving in New Zealand, Jack develops a plan so that he is ‘discovered’ by Sophie. It works and a passionate relationship develops between them as they uncover the dark world of their boss and his unethical promotion of skin lightening cosmetics and infant formula.

However, Sophie discovers Jack’s scheme that got them together and is devastated. Their relationship is jeopardised even further when Jack insists on an unscrupulous plan to stop their boss. Jack will have to change his ways and be prepared to take risks with the one he loves. And Sophie will have to decide if the end justifies the means in stopping their boss.

Little Pieces of Sophie would appeal to readers who enjoyed the romance of Normal People by Sally Rooney and would also like a thriller that addresses corporate and political crime such as The Constant Gardener by John le Carré.

First page of 'Little Pieces of Sophie'