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Resoulte - Abstract bronze sculpture by Stephen Williams
Newsletter #1

Bronze sculpture

In October I completed a new sculpture 'Resolute’. This has been cast in bronze and finished with a highly polished surface. Cast glass sculpture
I will be casting three glass sculptures in mid-2019. In all three images, you will see the reservoir attached to the wax. Once they are completed, I’ll let you know in my next newsletter.

I’m using the mold used in making the above bronze sculpture to cast a solid glass sculpture in Gaffer Pale Jade Green (same colour as 'Twist'). The surface will also be highly polished and will sit on a beech wood light base. The rectangular block underneath the wax will channel the glass into the sculpture.

Wax for Resolute by Stephen Williams

This will be a hollow clear cast glass sculpture with a LED cabinet light mounted inside. The surface will be sandblasted. The development of this piece is outlined in 'Conception'. It will be one of my largest glass sculptures. The reservoir to receive the molten glass sits above the sculpture connected by two risers and knitting needles to reduce the number of bubbles.

Wax for Lighthouse by Stephen Williams

Tubular Forms
This sculpture is a series of six interconnected hollow tubes that will be cast in clear glass. The surface will be sandblasted and the ends of the tubes will be highly polished. Six risers feed into the main sculpture made from black wax.

Wax for Tubular Forms by Stephen Williams

Development of this piece was influenced by my 'Sea Squirt' cast glass sculpture and microscope images of plant cross-sections. In one way it can be seen as a deconstruction of the Sea Squirt sculpture.

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